Stage Lighting Truss Manufacturer

We manufacture a wide variety of black steel stage trussing and accessories necessary for creating exciting concert stages or trade show booths. We also have stands and lifts for lighting fixtures and speakers. Monster Truss has been producing quality stage trussing at very affordable prices for more than 42 years. You can now order directly online.

Truss Convention Booth:  Easy to Build and Assemble

Our Convention Booths and Stage Truss Packages are easy to build and assemble. Just order the appropriate size and model of trussing, connectors, base plates, cranks, lifts, etc. and you can assemble it on your own without any hassle. It's as easy as building boxes. Monster Truss is like building blocks for trussing.

The Truss of Confidence

Monster Truss is the Truss of Confidence. You can trust it for quality, reliability and affordability. We always strive to produce cost-effective products out of durable steel. Our trusses can carry a respectable load and withstand the test of time. You can use and reuse them for a very long time.